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    I recently underwent surgery through Dr. Evans for the removal of a Ganglion Cyst. Normal cysts like this usually form in the joints of the wrist, however, mine had formed behind the knee, and had grown so large it had begun to wrap around nerves, tendons, etc. I'd had surgery a few years ago to remove this cyst, and the previous Ortho Surgeon did not remove all of it, therefore it grew back. With a vengeance. Dr. Evans was honest with me about the complications of this kind of surgery, sharing with me the possibility that I could even lose the use of my leg. But something told me to have faith in this doctor. I was desperate to have my life back. For years, I'd been in so much pain, was constantly sick from the toxins leaking into my body, had trouble walking at times, and was finding it more and more difficult to perform the duties of my job (which required I use my legs for driving). I was prepared for the same outcome as before, and that I would most likely continue to be sick and have trouble with this cyst again at some point. This doctor is AMAZING. Not only did surgery go very well, but my recovery has been NOTHING like what I'd had to go through before! I thought I'd be recovering for weeks, have massive staples up the back of my leg, be on all kinds of medications...and that is not the case at all. Within 24 hours I had already begun to feel like my old self, and wasn't sickly feeling anymore. By the second day I was able to walk fine, even forgetting at one point that I had just had major surgery and stitches in my leg! Dr. Evans treated me like a human being, not just another patient. His staff of nurses and techs were just as kind and professional as he was, I was treated respectfully and more important, I was HEARD. Dr. Evans actually listened to my concerns and fears and addressed each issue I had along the way as if I was the only patient he had! I simply cannot write enough how truly grateful I am to Dr. Evans and his staff for literally giving me back my life...I am able to function and go back to work to provide for my family. I will never stop singing his praises! I will recommend this amazing specialist to everyone...He gave me back my life and I will never be able to thank him enough!


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