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  • Anonymous

    Dr. Evans gave me my life back!
    I had a Ganglion Cyst located behind my knee, a place that is rare for that type of cyst to form, and it had become debilitating. I had already had surgery a few years back to remove the cyst, but that particular doctor failed me. He did not remove the entire c...
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  • Anonymous

    Dr Evans is my Superman! He is so kind and caring and I appreciate all he has done for me!
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  • Anonymous

    Dr. Evan's is great, I have never had a problem with him or his office.
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  • Anonymous

    Dr. Evans is an excellent clinician as well as having an excellent bed side manner.
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  • Anonymous

    Took forever to get appt when my dr said it would be within a week. They cancelled same appt day before & put me out over another week. One scheduler was not very pleasant. Dr seemed more interested in talking about another medical condition of mine than condition for why I was there. Got no real an...
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  • Anonymous

    Never met Dr Evan's before myself surgery and he was fantastic and took great care of me.
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  • Anonymous

    Your an excellent Dr with an awesome staff! :-)
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  • Anonymous

    dr Evans did bilateral knee replacement surgery for me and did a great job! I had no complications! I would highly recommend him to everyone needing an orthopedic surgeon! Besides his expertise he Is a great person who is truly kind and compassionate!
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  • Anonymous

    had shoulder surgery ans everything went very well!
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  • Sue

    Never met Dr Evans before my visit. I chose to see him based off of so many positive reviews for him.
    I was very impressed with his gentle, calm manner. He's very nice and friendly, not arrogant or pushy at all. I did not feel rushed by him. He's kind and down to earth. I totally recommend hi...
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